Marker Data Profiling

Uploading 16S rRNA marker gene counts data

Shotgun Data Profiling

Uploading shotgun metagenomics counts data

Taxon Set Analysis

Uploading a list of taxonomy names of interest

Projection with Public Data

Co-analysis of a 16S rRNA data with a public data

News & Updates

  • Detailed guidance on using MicrobiomeAnalyst is available on Nature Protocols;
  • Please reach us through our OmicsForum to ask questions or request features regarding MicrobiomeAnalyst.
  • Enhanced message for metadata filtering (08/29/2022); ;
  • Fixed the taxonomy name issue when the input containing empty columns (07/29/2022); ;
  • Fixed the issue with heattree plot (07/13/2022); ;
  • Fixed the issue with parsing the "kingdom" column in the taxonomy table (06/29/2022); ;
  • Fixed the issue with PERMANOVA based on adonis2 (05/28/2022); ;
  • Interface enhancement and upgraded R to 4.1.3 (05/13/2022); ;
  • Added the support to adjust font size for heatmap visualization (03/02/2022);
  • Fixed the issue with Heat Tree and Correction Network analysis introduced after R package updates (02/09/2022);
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Please Cite

  • Chong, J., Liu, P., Zhou, G., and Xia. J. (2020) "Using MicrobiomeAnalyst for comprehensive statistical, functional, and meta-analysis of microbiome data" Nature Protocols 15, 799–821 (DOI: 10.1038/s41596-019-0264-1)
  • Dhariwal, A., Chong, J., Habib, S., King, I., Agellon, LB., and Xia. J. (2017) "MicrobiomeAnalyst - a web-based tool for comprehensive statistical, visual and meta-analysis of microbiome data" Nucleic Acids Research 45, W180-188 (DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkx295)


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